4 x Glass stirrer sticks 20cm

Glass stirrers make a great addition to any cocktail making tool kit


Brass lemon wedge bottle opener


Bamboo straws and handmade pouch

Which are re-usable, ethical and sustainable – pouch includes 1 regular straw, 1 smoothie straw and 1 straw cleaner


1 x 30g bag of premium dehydrated ruby grapefruit slices.

Grown in Australia

Add to a cocktail, chilled tonic water for a flavour infusion or can be added to a range of baked goods.


Sundae Sol handmade wine glass charms.

The custom made Sundae Sol pouch includes 6 x wine glass charms so everyone knows who each glass belongs to!

Made with assorted gems such as quartz, rose quartz, turquoise, onyx etc

Each pack with be a random assortment of colours.


2 x Espresso martini cocktails

Espresso martinis using smooth vodka and a cold brew espresso enriched with delicious hints of cocoa, vanilla and a hint of hazelnut.


Weekend Box