1x Brightening & anti-aging sheet mask

This sheet mask with instantly boost your brightness and improve skin tone while protecting against the future signs of aging. Perfect to get your glow back and perk up your skin before an event. Made in Australia

1x Peggy Sue Lip Conditioner

Nourishing lip conditioner made with a blend of natural, vitamin-rich ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E that work to deeply nourish and restore lips. Subtly flavoured with vanilla oil and honey from the beeswax used. 


1x Milk chocolate strawberry & cream

Deliciously soft strawberry and cream jelly lollies thickly coated in premium creamy milk chocolate. Made in Australia. 150g


1x Clear quartz gua sha

Level-up your skincare routine! Used in beauty rituals for thousands of years.

Helps tone & firm skin, reduce puffiness, increase blood supply, assists in detoxification, improves elasticity, promotes lymphatic drainage.

Clear quarts – powerful healing energy. Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is useful for unblocking it

1x Vine essential oil perfume- Peggy sue

She is a romantic blend hosting top notes of jasmine + rose and bottom notes of bergamot + neroli, which together will encapsulate your senses as she sweeps you off your feet.



Mother’s Day #3