Something thoughtful, but small 


1x Byron Beef Jerky – 120g chilli flavoured grass fed Australia jerky. Each batch perfectly marinated in herbs and spices to give a sweet & tangy mild chilli flavour.


1x Whiskey & dry 3 in 1 body wash

Body wash, shampoo & conditioner all in one.

You will be squeaky clean once you Lather up in the 3 in 1 wash. 500ml


1x Mach 3 compatible cartridge razor

Stainless steel head and cigar-shaped beechwood handle this razor not only looks the part but provides an outstanding shaving experience. 

Each razor comes with a single Gillette Mach 3 branded cartridge with replacements available at any supermarket.


1x Deliciously zesty Lemon Ketchup can be used whenever you need a bit of zing. Its freshness is the perfect addition to fish, seafood or white meat like chicken and lean pork. Make lemon potatoes , use with fish and chips or dress poached chicken for a light and summery salad.

Mini Men’s Box

SKU: Mini men