Love the smell of your morning coffee? Why not wear that smell all day long with these delicious coffee inspired products!


1x Espresso Martini 3 in 1 body wash

Body wash, shampoo & conditioner all in one.

You will be squeaky clean once you Lather up in the 3 in 1 wash. 500ml


1x Mach 3 compatible cartridge razor

Stainless steel head and cigar-shaped beechwood handle this razor not only looks the part but provides an outstanding shaving experience. 

Each razor comes with a single Gillette Mach 3 branded cartridge with replacements available at any supermarket. 


1x Premium beard & moustache trimming scissors


If you have a beard or moustache its probably time to invest in a pair of scissors to keep things in shape.

1x Razor sharp, durable black titanium finish, brass finger rest and adjustable pivot screw.


1x Dark chocolate beard oil

This beard oil smells like a warm cup of milky dark chocolate. This beard oil will lock in moisture, leaving your hair and skin luscious and itch-free.  25ml


1x Black activated charcoal beard wash.


1x Experience the power of activate charcoal as it absorbs a wide range of impurities and dirt and flushes them from your beard. Use once a week unless you’re an absolute beast of a man, wrestling crocodiles on the daily. 250ml


1x Wooden beard comb

Wide teeth allow the comb to glide through your beard with ease and untangle facial hair.

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